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Putting it into practice

In order to build on the knowledge I gained following Mark Wallace’s video tutorials, I had to go out there & shoot pictures; simply to put it into practice. There was so much information to process; ambient exposure, focusing, DOF, ISO, aperture, metering, flash exposure, photography rules, dos & don’ts. Quite simply, I was overwhelmed & didn’t know where to start.

I was not helped by Dubai’s summer climate, as the heat & high humidity were continuously ruining my photos. Most outdoor shots looked bland; hazy skies & cloudless days.

Eventually, I decided best is to treat my camera as I would treat my wallet or mobile phone, simply keep it on me at all times! I could then shoot photos whenever I get the opportunity.

Naturally, I started clicking more photos, some at the office, some with friends, on a weekend away from the city, at a pub, of my pets at home. Yet, I wasn’t even slightly impressed with my results; something was missing. Not even my lacking knowledge in Photoshop could have made any telling difference.

One of the conclusions I came upon was ‘I need more gear!’, yep, I blamed it on the gear! :) Thus, I had to go out shopping, in order to satisfy my thirst for better photos.


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