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By now, my Facebook album has become some sort of a hindrance to my advancement in the world of photography as only my Facebook friends had access to my images. Some might also argue that certain photos might not have been appropriate to be posted on a personal Facebook page album, therefore I had to expand my territory & audience.

I got to learn of an image hosting website that granted some impressive features for free, it even granted me access to sell my uploaded images, however the only drawback was the limitation of 10 uploads per week.

I wasn’t really concerned with selling images & making profit at that point of time, but nonetheless, it was a good idea to upload my best images there … that would act as a fix for my ‘audience problem’. Not only that, but I was also getting some feedback from the website’s community on the images they liked! *If only they could have provided critique too!* :)

So yeah … 500px was the obvious choice ;)

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