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Before / After - 2

When you get inspired, and you find yourself in the drive gear, you better hit that gas & go with the flow.

I was experimenting with different ideas, themes, moods ... however, there was always one question on my mind: "What is my subject going to wear for this shoot???" Unfortunately, I reside in a city which doesn't provide creative folks many options when it comes to outfits & props; you want something, you gotta shell out some money. Yep, hardly anything comes cheap here.

If only we had thrift shops, second hand & affordable antique stores in town!! :-/

So, rather than stocking on outfits (which might only be used once), I decided to look for rental options ... alas, there was only a few to name.

Upon visiting one, I saw this amazing Victorian dress; one worthy of being worn by Queen Victoria herself (when she was alive!). I could immediately imagine my model wearing it, and had already envisioned what kind of makeup / hairstyle would go with it. I wouldn't dare say the outfit came for cheap, but then again, what else can I possibly do?! :'(

A few chats with a very creative Makeup Artist & we were ready to roll.

Location for the shoot was planned, the model ready to roll dressed up in Victorian and makeup / hair done.

As you can tell from the image below, I had focused on a 'Victorian Queen bewitched' concept ... a bit spooky, I know!

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