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A new adventure

For those who've been following me, you are probably well aware of the fact I'm currently based in Dubai, UAE. In fact, I was born and raised here. However, I will soon embark on a journey, probably the biggest adventure of my life, I shall seek my future elsewhere. Why? Well, for someone who's lived all his past years in one country, change is healthy ... change is needed. A move from the desert to greener pastures would rejuvenate me, and raise my spirits. My destination has been set; Sri Lanka ... the land of the Lions: A gorgeous island, full of rainforests & greenery, blessed with friendly, loving, & happy people, beautiful weather, tasty cuisine, and for myself, great opportunities! The slow pace of life in Sri Lanka should help me settle down step by step, rather than engage in a hectic frenzy lifestyle in any of Europe's major cities!

Photography might not be my first priority as I land there, yet my dream is to establish myself as a photographer in the region.

Exciting, no? :)

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