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Another shopping spree!

One lens was always on the back of my mind, haunting my dream. I was mostly into portraits & portraiture, so naturally I was hoping one day I would get my hands on the mother of Canon telephoto portraiture lenses; the 70-200L f2.8 IS. :)

I had previously decided to start budgeting for this purchase, I thought I would probably treat myself to this gorgeous lens on my next birthday, that would justify the 2,450 USD I had to shell out!

However, the constant itchy feeling, those voices in my head & the deep desire to grab that lens drove me over the edge of sanity! I eventually gave in & went for it, no thoughts, no plans, no budgets! :)

This was another rash decision I never regretted, for there is a beautiful romantic love story soon to unfold; my eternal love to this sexy, sharp, fast & perfect lens.

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