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Turning the sexy on!

Showcasing the sensuality & femininity of a woman is a delicate matter; you want to highlight the beauty of the female figure without objectifying it, without coming out as vulgar or pornographic.

For those who've ventured into this territory, no one will deny that it is beautiful, poetic, addictive but also very challenging. As a photographer, you'd expect your model to open up her most secret & divine possession; her body. Therefore, if a woman entrusts you with it, I sure hope you live up to the expectations and the trust shown in you!

As many others, I explored this field, and learnt how to tackle the discussions, the mood, the concept, all while trying not to come out as a creep! :) Again, like other fields of photography, holding a portfolio in the subject matter helps a lot.

Recently, I've been putting so much attention into glamour & nude art, hoping to build a foundation for a future personal style involving my two true passions; dark surreal photography and nude art.

Wish me luck!

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