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Portraits & Candid shots

With my secret weapon now in hand, I wanted to photograph everyone I saw! No one was safe from me or my camera anymore!

One of my favorite relaxing spots back then was a Costa coffee shop close to my home, I used to spend an hour or so sipping on my coffee & people watch. I then took it to the next level by carrying my camera & new lens along and snap shots of unsuspecting subjects, something that turned out to be called ‘Candid Photography’ … turns out I was good at it. :)

Not only did this provide me with endless subjects to shoot, but also taught me to be aware of my surroundings, to follow every single detail while patiently waiting for that right moment. I was even approached at times by people who were alerted to my activities & asked for a copy of their images, & of course, I now had tones of candid portraits of strangers and experience under my belt. :)

From there on, I started advertising my free services to friends, hoping to gain even more experience in the field of professional portraiture. The response rate wasn’t something to boast about, regardless, I got my fair share of trials & tests.

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