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Being a member of the EPyC photography club, I had the opportunity to photograph a variety of different subjects & locals, something I was very proud of. I had lots of images in the pipeline waiting to be published on 500px.

However, given the quota limitations set on their site & learning of Facebook’s promise to provide deep insights & statistics on critical details such as ‘unique visitors’ was a huge incentive to open a Photography based Facebook community page to showcase my latest shoots.

The easiness of creating such content, accessibility, ease of sharing & penetration were all an extra bonus to what seemed like a brilliant idea. Indeed, I was not mistaken for it was a great move!

Eventually, I came up with a strategy where I would share my latest creations on Facebook, wait for my followers’ responses & feedback, then finally upload the more successful images to 500px. That allowed me to keep a cleaner look on the more professional 500px while still offer to share my favorite content to my friends & family on Facebook. Smart, no? :)

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