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Travel - Switzerland & France

A photographer’s dream is to travel the world, while hunting for that winner shot; that one picture that could rise him to fame. Well, unless you’re just happy clicking away memories of a beautiful vacation spent on the beaches of the Caribbean or Hawaii!

Nevertheless, travel brings us opportunities to capture scenery, cultures, architecture that you wouldn’t have otherwise witnessed or recorded.

After long planning & preparation, I got my opportunity to travel to the land of cheese & chocolate, and experience French food & art.

Needless to say, I was in heaven! For in every corner lied a great image, in every town / village I visited I saw great potential for a masterpiece.

14 days spent in Europe traveling, camera by my side, stopping at breathtaking locals along the route, eventually accumulating a total of 4000 clicks on the shutter!

Below I’m sharing some of those images … keeping in mind that 5 months passed since my travel & I’m yet to finish going through the lot :)

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