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Photography Tip – Getting into photography

So you’ve recently bought a professional camera, a decent lens & a trusty tripod … OK, but where do you go from there?

We do realize there are many fields of photography, so diverse that you would get lost while venturing in them. We’re talking landscape photography, cityscape photography, wildlife photography, portraiture, street photography, macro photography,night photography, abstract photography, architecture photography, etc … Does that mean we have to go into each & every single one those? Definitely not! You would require the skills, gear & knowledge of a Photography studio or a team. :)

Then what is the right approach? Well, you venture into the field that you most enjoy. Are you an architectural lover? Jump into architecture photography. Are you a nature lover? Jump into landscapes, or wildlife. Are you into insects & the small world around us? Macro! Are you into documenting events and street life? Go for street photography. Perhaps you’re in it for the bucks? Try out your luck in portraiture, weddings, events or stock photography.

There you have it … if you wish to excel at something, your will must be nurtured by passion. Good luck with your venture and hope you have a pleasant & safe journey ;)

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