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Photography Tip – Building your Portfolio

At some point you will feel the need to build a portfolio, a web space where you can showcase your talent & best creations / shots. Doing so, you will go through all your previous work & start filtering for those images that stand out … however, that is easier said than done; as what appeals to you personally might not be really appealing for the masses.

So today we’ll be discussing how to go about the filtering process for your portfolio, and how to present it.

  • Start out by presenting all your favorite images on a social website (e.g. facebook), an image hosting page (e.g. flickr / deviantart / 500px) or even a personal webpage

  • It is recommended to ensure your portfolio is accessible (on a public space) & easy to navigate

  • Remember that captions are good, they help the viewer connect to your images

  • Market & promote your work as much as possible, hoping to get maximum exposure in the process

  • Once feedback starts pouring in, look for trends in the positive feedback & work on correcting any negative ones / critique

  • The images that get maximum attention are potential winners, thus require even further attention … try to look into those & see if it’s possible to further enhance them? Perhaps add an extra POP effect? If unsure how to handle that, I would recommend leaving them at that :)

  • Finally, remove those that didn’t get enough attention, this will make your portfolio look richer, stronger & more impressive (as we’ve cut off the weakest links)

  • Note that it is advisable to have a healthy variety … repetitive faces & scenery aren’t very appealing in a portfolio and don’t add much value (unless used artistically & in varying forms)

Good luck with your portfolio … and remember, your portfolio is a measure of your own skills, performance & style! ;)

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