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The journey’s origins

As many have done before myself, and as many would follow, I embarked on a journey nurtured by passion; passion towards capturing beauty & etching down those special moments that never return.

I welcome you to join me on this journey which started no more than 3 years back when I bought my first DSLR:

I was at the mall with my cousin (who happens to be a photography enthusiast), I’ve already made my intentions of purchasing a DSLR clear to him. Though, for some reason, I was fully convinced I’d be leaving the store with a Sony NEX-5. Yep, it’s not really a DSLR, but what do I know?! :)

My cousin wasn’t too impressed with my reasoning, and insisted I should better get a ‘proper DSLR body’. Eventually, he managed to convince me to pay the Canon store a visit, something I am grateful to him for.

After going through their products, the Canon EOS 1000D looked the most reasonable, as for 550 US$, I was getting the body along with two lenses! I was sold. :P

Like a kid ecstatic about his new toy, I rushed back home to unbox my new Canon camera, for I’ve become a Photographer!! Tearing into the box with fangs & claws, I lifted my camera for the first time in a moment of pride. I knew then that something of magic was about to unravel; a new world of possibilities & directions in life.

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