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Learning from those mistakes

Mistakes are part of any process, at times there is no evading them. This, in it’s own accord should not be considered a problem, however, it is important to learn from them. After all, we are talking about expensive gear here!

I had to sit down & figure out what wrong I’ve done. That taught me a lot; first & foremost, never rush with gear purchases, to always read, read & read a little bit more reviews about the product I’m opting for, to consider whether that gear compliments my style or enhances it, whether there are cheaper alternatives, & of course, budget planning.

I knew I had to go for replacements for 2 of those failed investments that I mentioned on a previous post; a tripod & a flash gun.

Ordinarily, one would look at the top of the line & splash the cash. You ask why? Well, we often assume the more expensive the better! However not today … I was against the idea of spending 550 USD on a flash gun that I’d use not so often, a cheaper alternative would have to be very welcome. Lots of research went into this planned purchase, different models & makes were considered before I finally opted for a Nissin Di622 mark II. Funny enough, once at store, I ended up buying the Nissin Di866 mark II for 270 USD; a model I didn’t research! Yep, we sometimes never learn. Though I must say I never regretted this purchase :)

The tripod was a different case; this is a device that you would rely on to keep your expensive gear in place, I couldn’t afford to go cheap here. Naturally, I looked upon the highest of quality in brands for professional DSLRs. Manfrotto eventually won my money when I purchased the 055XPROB tripod.


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