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As you will all come to learn at some point, we sometimes make irrational purchases. We buy products based on wants rather than needs, we don’t consider how future-proof that product might be, we simply fall into a trap of unnecessary purchases in a moment of ecstasy.

It’s true, as when I look back at all those products I mentioned on the previous post, perhaps the 50mm (nifty fifty) is the only one I still use to date.

Let me better explain:

Even though the Manfrotto compact tripod was a device that managed to carry the weight of my 1000D, it was in no way capable of handling the combined weight of the cam with a flash gun on top & the 70-300. After all, it was designed for ‘point & click’s!

The Metz flash gun was completely useless; it lacked all sorts of features & was a joke of a flash!

The kit lenses I got were only suitable for entry level, they were nowhere close to the quality of L lenses’ glass, build, speed or sharpness.

The battery grip, along with shutter release cables & lens filters that I bought were also only usable for as long as I was using the 1000D, rendering them useless when I upgraded the camera body.

The worst purchase of the lot was the Sigma ultra-wide lens; it did the job, it captured decent photos when it was called upon, however, it was not a future-proof investment (as it doesn’t work with a full-frame sensor body ‘due to vignetting’) & well, turned out I wasn’t much into landscapes & cityscapes either! :)


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