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Enter Sony Alpha!

To say I created a shockwave among my photography friends here in Dubai would be an understatement!

It didn't make sense then, even now some find it hard to believe that an avid photography enthusiast such as myself would let go of one of the higher-end Canon cameras in favor of a new compact untested mirrorless Sony.

Indeed, it was a risk, and one I proudly admit. I had been a Sony fan ever since my first Playstation console, and even though I didn't base my decision to switch to Sony based only on that fact, it did have a minor influence! :)

Sony had been doing wonders in the field of full frame camera sensors; in fact, one of Nikon's flagship DSLRs was already relying on Sony sensor technology.

So, I had two options back then ... wait for the Nikon D810 which was about to be released or go for the Sony Alpha 7r. The Nikon was higher priced, however boasted a better collection of lenses & appealed to a bigger audience, while the Sony was within my budget yet lacked proper support (both 1st & 3rd party). Yet, the endless possiblities of using the Sony mirrorless coupled with the right adapter & connecting it to almost any DSLR lens was a really tempting treat.

After weeks of reading reviews, comparisons & whatnot, I decided to switch to Sony instead of Nikon.

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