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A new direction

By the time I got my hands on the Sony Alpha 7r, it was apparent to me that I had lost interest in tightly cropped portraits; I wanted to show more of my subject than just the face.

The only thing stopping me during the Canon years was the fact I was unable to get enough details on my subject when shooting full length, and even though I wasn't expecting the viewers to zoom in on said photos, i still didn't feel at ease. I wanted more pixels, sharper images, higher dynamic range.

The Sony provided me all that I wished for ... and then more. Boasting 40 MegaPixels, a sensor with high dynamic range & sharp rendering of details, this 'tool' was finally catching up to my demands.

I can now finally do what I've always wanted to do ... create, not just capture.

It is now time to play, experiment & unleash my imagination!

Speaking of imagination, I have always had a dark creepy surreal one. The image below was first of many projects to come. (Isn't it ironic that I opted to display an image of a faceless subject?!) :)

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