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Before / After - 3

This next concept shoot was 'more fun, less effort' compared to the previous one. 'Why' you ask? Perhaps I forgot to mention that we had to drag ourselves across the desert for 300m to get to a spot we thought would be perfect for the shoot ... all that while carrying the photography gear & makeup set. Ok, back to this shoot. So, I wanted to create a wacky beauty concept ... & what better way than to have the model dressed up in a straight jacket? Luckily, hunting for an affordable straight jacket was not a tedious task; heading to the nearest party & costumes store, I found the straight jacket I need ... in the mens' section. Yep, the womens' section was full of sluty policewomen, sluty nurses, sluty ... heck, they even managed to make the womens' straight jacket sluty! Shame on you, party stores! :-/

Nevermind that, so, I approached a Makeup Artist I believed would be ideal for the concept & a model who's always impressed me with her acting, posing & dedication skills ... team established!

Now it was all a matter of approaching a studio for rent, applying the makeup & hairstyle and getting our model all cozy in the straight jacket!

As you can tell from the image below, I had to add some elements to the image to get the mood right. I guess my Photoshopping skills are starting to improve! :)

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